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Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik in Kühlungsborn

The MST16/iMST3 workshop is building upon the legacy of successful workshops on “Technical and Scientific Aspects of Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere (MST) Radars.” Since 1984, these
gatherings have been at the forefront of cutting-edge atmospheric and ionospheric research and technological development. In the spirit of evolution, MST16/iMST3 takes the exciting leap to incorporate iMST lidar observations and welcomes complementary studies combining radar, lidar, in-situ and other ground- and satellite-based techniques.

Venue: Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) in Kühlungsborn, Germany.
When: September 9th – 13th, 2024

For more Information see the announcement or visite the website.