Which data products will be available from the MERLIN mission?

The precise measurements performed by MERLIN require a careful processing, with reliable algorithms, to ensure the final performance of the mission. A Payload Data Processing Centre (PLDP) will operationally produce and distribute the official products of the mission to the users by request. The level 1 to level 3 products will be publicly available, while access to the level 0 data will be restricted to expert users only.

Further details on the instruments and observing principals can be found under Mission.

Global methan trend

“Methane severely exacerbates climate change, but also has a number of indirect effects on human health, crop yields and the health of vegetation through its role as a precursor to the formation of tropospheric ozone.”

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Data products overview

Description of raw and preprocessed data products (L0-L3)

Description of higher level data products 

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